Other editions of Perspectives


·   Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Notifying Sureties of a Contractor's Default
·   Does Your Dog Bite?  Risks of Adopting a Project from the Pound
·   Edifice Flex: A/E Liability for Cost Estimating
·   Electronically Signing Drawings: Seal, Signature, and Protection
·   Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Right for Your Firm?
·   Expunge Bob, Brown Pants: Defending Claims without Your Star Witness
·   Fiduciary Liabilities Lurking in Your Retirement Plan
·   Flukes of Hazard: OSHA and Design Professionals
·   For Better or For Worse: Betterment Limits Responsibility for Damages

·   Fungus Shui: The Balance of Design, Construction and Maintenance
·   The Hard Market - When will it End?
·   How Bad Will It Hurt? Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected
·   Liability Shopping: Liability Arising from the Shop Drawing and Submittal Process
·   Moonlighting Risks: Outside In
·   The "Mything Link" to Better Contracts
·   Playing with Fire: Expert Witness Liability
·   Pray, Liens, and Scream: Using Mechanics Lien Rights Wisely
·   Privity of Headache: Contracting among the Design Team
·   QC/QA: Turning a Potential Problem into an Opportunity
·   Retention Deficit & Disorder: The Riddle in Document Retention Policies
·   Sovereign Succotash: Your Public Client May Be Immune from Suit - Are You?
·   To Copyright or Not to Copyright?  That is the Question
·   Waiving Goodbye to Subrogation Claims