MGW analyzes your activity and objectives, identifies risks and opportunities, and secures highly competitive professional liability insurance coverage that reflects your everyday operations and long-term goals. Continually.  So you can focus on managing your firm.



MGW is one of the largest and most highly skilled professional liability insurance specialty brokers in the Chicago-area, servicing lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors and other design professionals.  Our focus on these client groups enables us to have a deep understanding of industry-specific needs and unparalleled access to insurer scale.


As your firm evolves, so does your professional liability.  We partner with our clients to provide continual strategic support to ensure that your policy is always competitive and meets your constantly changing needs.

MGW is a lawyer-led professional liability consulting and brokerage firm.  As lawyers, all MGW brokers have unique insight into forecasting and supporting clients’ needs and supporting them with world-class professional liability coverage and risk management services.

Integrated Service Providers
With 4 unique practice areas in crisis management, risk mitigation, strategic planning, and coverage advocacy, we enable our clients to optimize their strategies and operations and often preempt adverse professional liability effects.


Based on the complexity of their needs or sophistication of their practice, our clients typically have outgrown other professional liability insurance brokers and seek the industry-specific knowledge and boutique-level service that a large general broker cannot provide.  

As recognized leaders in our field, we have strong relationships with insurers as well as with preeminent supplementary service providers to lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors and other design professionals.  These longstanding partnerships ensure that our clients always receive competitive rates, best practice support, and access to our vast network.